Financial Management : Core Concepts, 3e (Global edition)




Financial Management : Core Concepts, 3e (Global edition)

■ Financial Management: Core Concepts, 3e (Global edition)

■ Author :  Raymond M. Brooks(Oregon State University)

■ Pub Date : 2015. 1. 18 /  Copyright : 2016

■ 646 Page /  Pearson Education

■ 정가 40,000원

■ ISBN : 978-1292101422

■ About the Author

RAYMOND M. BROOKS is a Professor of Finance at Oregon State

University. He has taught a variety of finance courses, including

introduction to financial management, investments, advanced corporate

finance, financial institutions, financial planning, and risk management.

Previously, he taught at Washington University in St. Louis; the

University of Southern Illinois, Edwardsville; and the University of

Missouri?Columbia. Professor Brooks has authored a variety of articles

on topics from dividends to when-issued trading. He has twice won

best papers awards at financial conferences. Professor Brooks was a

springboard diver for the Oregon State swim team and continues to

enjoy swimming, hiking, music, reading, and watching OSU athletic


■ Description

For courses in financial management.

Using Tools, Making Connections, and Studying for Success in Finance

Financial Management: Core Concepts is the ideal source material for non-finance majors seeking to learn the key elements of financial operations. The text focuses on the students’ ability to understand complex financial concepts by centering its material around three major learning skills: using tools, making connections, and studying for success. Students are encouraged to start by mastering the major concepts of finance, and then to test their knowledge by forging connections between ideas and applying them to real world situations.

The Third Edition contains the most up-to-date information in financial concepts, as well as enhanced and expanded versions of existing subject matter. Financial Management makes the topic of finance interesting and accessible to non-finance majors by relating it to their own personal expenditures and exploring the importance of this field across all disciplines.

■ New To This Edition

Student-centric learning material is based around three major


 ● Preparing for Exams builds confidence in anxious students by exposing them to common exam problems and pulled directly from the test bank. Answers are available in appendix 5.

 All time-related information has been updated in the text to keep the material current.UPDATED! Interest rates now reflect the historically low levels of the 21st century.

 ● UPDATED! Chapters 12and 13 on cash-flow and cash-flow

management have been updated and strengthened.

 ● UPDATED! Chapter 14 on ratio analysis provides additional insight that makes the temporal nature of ratios more apparent.

A beautifully illustrated text adds a visual component to numerical


 ● Illustrations with a Purpose addresses the needs of the visual learner by helping students visualize important financial concepts.


 ● Graphic Illustrations are another source the text uses to “see” a


■ Table of Contents

Part 1: Fundamental Concepts and Basic Tools of Finance
1. Financial Management
2. Financial Statements
3. The Time Value of Money (Part 1)
4. The Time Value of Money (Part 2)
5. Interest Rates

Part 2: Valuing Stocks and Bonds and Understanding Risk and Return
6. Financial Management Bonds and Bond Valuation
7. Stocks and Stock Valuation
8. Risk and Return

Part 3: Capital Budgeting
9. Capital Budgeting Decision Models
10. Cash Flow Estimation
11. The Cost of Capital

Part 4: Financial Planning and Evaluating Performance
12. Forecasting and Short-Term Financial Planning
13. Working Capital Management
14. Financial Ratios and Firm Performance

Part 5: Other Selected Finance Topics
15. Raising Capital
16. Capital Structure
17. Dividends, Dividend Policy, and Stock Splits
18. International Financial Management

Appendix 1 Future Value Interest Factors
Appendix 2 Present Value Interest Factors
Appendix 3 Future Value Interest Factors of an Annuity
Appendix 4 Present Value Interest Factors of an Annuity
Appendix 5 Answers to Prepping for Exam Questions


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