Fundamentals of Investing, International Edition, 12/E

■ Fundamentals of Investing, International Edition, 12/E

■ Authors : Smart,Gitman,Joehnk

■ Pub Date : 2013.4.11  /   Copyright :  2013

■ 664Page /  Pearson Higher Education (International Edition)

■ 정가 45,000원

■ ISBN : 9781292000275

■ About the Authors

Scott Smart, Indiana University
Lawrence J. Gitman, San Diego State University
Michael D. Joehnk, Arizona State University

■ Description

The core concepts and tools students need to make informed investment decisions.

Fundamentals of Investing helps students make informed investment decisions in their personal and professional lives by providing a solid foundation of core concepts and tools. Gitman/Joehnk/Smart use practical, hands-on applications to introduce the topics and techniques used by both personal investors and money managers. The authors integrate a consistent framework based on learning goals to keep students focused on what is most important in each chapter. Students leave the course with the necessary information for developing, implementing, and monitoring a successful investment program.


■ Table of Contents


1. The Investment Environment
2. Securities Markets and Transactions
3. Investment Information and Securities Transactions


4. Return and Risk
4A. The Time Value of Money
5. Modern Portfolio Concepts


6. Common Stocks
7. Analyzing Common Stocks
8. Stock Valuation 
9. Market Efficiency and Behavioral Finance


10. Fixed-Income Securities
11. Bond Valuation


12. Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
13. Managing Your Own Portfolio


14. Options: Puts and Calls
15. Commodities and Financial Futures





16. Investing in Preferred Stocks
17. Tax-Advantaged Investments
18. Real Estate and Other Tangible Investments

■ Features

Provide an accessible layout: The Learning Goal System frames each chapter, giving students a clear roadmap through a tightly woven structure that links each header, end-of-chapter summary, discussion questions, problems, and cases.

Get students invested in the material: The friendly and engaging writing style helps students learn the material the first time and review the material before exams.

Tailor the material to fit your course: A flexible chapter structure allows professors to easily integrate the text into their syllabi. The first section describes the overall investment environment. The second section presents the conceptual tools needed by investors?the concepts of risk and return and the basics of portfolio construction. Then each of the popular investment vehicles?common stocks, bonds, preferred stocks, convertible securities, and mutual funds?is addressed. A chapter on how to apply these concepts to administer a personal portfolio follows, culminating in a section on derivative securities, options, and futures.

Address the Impact of the Financial Crisis: Markets in Crisis. These new boxes include lessons from the marketplace. Topics include:
● Deposit insurance and how nations increased their deposit insurance coverage during the crisis to calm investor fears.
● How Ford and Bank of America betas are high because they were especially vulnerable to the crisis.
● Profiles a hedge fund manager who made enormous returns betting against housing and financial institutions.
● The mistakes made by rating agencies, FNMA and FHMC bailouts.
● Delaying retirement plans due to the current crisis.

■ New To This Edition

New Lead Author: Scott Smart, Scott received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1991, and he has been a member of the finance faculty at Indiana University since then. He is currently Associate Chair of the MBA Program at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. His scholarly articles have appeared in the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Finance, Financial Management, the Financial Review, the Journal of Accounting and Economics, and other scholarly journals. He has been recognized as an outstanding teacher by Business Week, and he has won more than a dozen teaching awards. Readers will see Scott’s imprint on every page.
● Updated real-world data through 2012, including text, tables, and figures.
● A new, tablet-like design and many new digital features that students can use on their own to enhance their learning.
● A new feature called An Advisor's Perspective. Available in MyFinanceLab, this feature consists of short video clips of professional investment advisors, including some of national prominence (such as Jim Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer), talking about the investments topics covered in each chapter.
● New QR codes in the margins of each chapter. Students can scan these codes with their smart phones to gain access to videos and other web content that enhance the topical coverage of each chapter.
● a new feature called Investor Mistakes. These boxes appear in the margins of most chapters and highlight investment lessons gleaned from the behavioral finance literature.
● New and updated Investor Facts boxe.
● Updated Markets in Crisis feature highlighting various aspects of the recent financial crisis and recession.
● Step-by-step video tutorials featuring author Scott Smart, found in MyFinanceLab, act as a learning aid for select end-of-chapter questions.
● Expanded use of real-world data in examples.
● Expanded and updated coverage of behavioral finance, particularly but not exclusively in Chapter 9.
● New and updated chapter openers with, in many chapters, an end-of-chapter problem that ties back to the chapter opener.
● Expanded coverage of exchange-traded funds in Chapter 12.


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